Hello world!

We were late.  I had already postponed this orientation appointment once and went back on the waiting list.  I was still so ambivalent about the idea of bariatric surgery and still so frightened that I almost didn’t go to this appointment either.  As it was, I didn’t shower or wash my hair.  I threw on clothes and announced to my hubby that he was driving me and we left.

After I checked in, two people met me and introduced me to the scale.  This is the big scale for big people.  I felt tiny on it.  My weight was 190.3.  They handed me some papers and we crept into an already darkened room which was nearly full of big people.  We found seats toward the back and off to the side.

I had picked a fight with hubby and was crying from stress for a little while until I could focus my attention on the speaker and on the screen.  One of the first things I heard her say was “If you’re like me you’ve been fat all of your life and you’ve used food to cope with your feelings.  Once you have the surgery you need to find a new coping skill.  Alcohol abuse is the number one dysfunctional way that people who have weight loss surgery find to fill the void.”

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